COURSE CONTENTS FOR Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) 9.5
Data Quality Concepts

  • Importance of Data Quality
  • Introduction to Informatica Administrative Console
      Model Repository Service
      Data Integration Service
      Analyst Service
      Content Management Service

Advance Topics – Data Quality Transformation

  • Merge Transformation
  • Case Converter Transformation
  • Key Generator Transformation
  • Different types of Reference Tables
  • Standardizer Transformation
  • Labeler Transformation
      Token Labeler
      Reference Table
  • Parser Transformation
      Probabilistic Model
      Pattern Based Parsing
  • Creating Different Contents of Content Set
  • Comparison Transformation
  • Decision Transformation
  • Address Validation Transformation
  • Match Transformation
  • Association Transformation
  • Consolidation Transformation
  • Export Data Quality Objects to Power Center
  • Profiling Data
      Column Profile
      Primary Key Profile
      Foreign Key Profile
      Join Profile
      Functional Dependency Profile
      Mid-stream profiling


Informatica Developer Tool
Basic Topics

  • Setting up Informatica Developer
  • Project Creation
  • Folder Creation
  • Overview of the Developer Tool
  • Creating simple mapping
  • Creation of Mapplets
  • Creation of reusable Transformations
  • Data Preview in the Developer Tool
  • Data Objects
      Physical Data Objects
      Relational Data Object
      Logical Data Object
      Custom Data Object
  • Mapping Logs
  • Export / Import of mappings

Informatica Analyst Tool

  • Setting up Informatica Analyst Tool
  • Project Creation
  • Folder Creation
  • Data Profiling
  • Drill Down on Profile Results
  • Create / Run / Edit Scorecard from the Profile Results
  • Configure Thresholds
  • Creating Expression Rules
  • Creating Reference Tables from Profile Columns
  • Creating Reference Tables from scratch



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