Certified DevOps Architect -Devops Architect will be tuned as per architecture course level

Agile2go provide intensive and hands on Training and Certification to
achieve a
Mastery of DevOps as a Certified Engineer
Our DevOps Training include numerous tools and agile methodologies with
live project scenarios

DevOps Engineer Training & Certification makes to standout among the
crowd with unique skillset and expertise

The curriculum;

The fundamentals of DevOps
Continuous integration, and Continuous delivery (CI/CD)
Quality improvement and Automation of repetitive steps to optimize the
process minimize the manual work or defects
How CI/CD bridges gap between Dev and Operation Team and improve the
quality of Deliverables
Introduction to Tools and their usage of
Version Controls, Docker, Git, Jenkins, Cubernnets and several other
latest tools, as these arena is rapidly evolving with fast pace
Basic to advanced understanding of Scrum Framework and Agile
methodologies and Scaled Agile (SAFe)
Introduction to modern Cloud platforms; Amazon Web Services (AWS) and
Microsoft Azure
Deep Dive into Cloud IT Technologies and their Prominence in Information
Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
Understanding of Microservices and their necessity as a DevOps Engineers

Our Curriculum also incorporate take home assignments, classroom group
discussion and graded exams to make you robust and hands on
We will assign capstone project that you need to write a summary of what
you have learned throughout the journey and how you can translate into
real world on a live project.
Upon full filling the requirements of graduation; Agile2Go will honor
you with a Certification
You can do grad walk on a Bradstreet proudly with smile to serve as a
“Certified DevOps Engineer” so that you be part of modern IT workforce
with niche skills and high in demand.